my services

visuals for your business or book

we can build beautiful visuals for your project, going together with the very own identity of it. your product or services will be highlighted.

this can be clothes, jewellery, food, LPs’ jacket, you name it !

portraits for your portfolio

we will gather the best pictures of you in order to build up your professional portfolio as an actor.ress, dancer, performer or as a form of therapy -a way to accept your body as the natural beauty that it is.

photography classes & workshops

peer-to-peer or as a group, we will see the basis of photography : how to use your camera’s settings properly and how to get ready to let them down once you’re ready to improvise ! theory is important but we’ll shoot, mainly -learning from mistakes. i’ll help you with keeping a tidy catalogue of your pictures, export and get files ready to print. all the classes packages include a pdf resume of theory. my classes adapt to your needs !