i speak english, french, italian, spanish, a little portuguese and a little little (little) dutch. come talk to me !

hi there, this is chiara – i’m a photographer, artist and artistic director based in brussels.

i’ve been studying and practicing photography for about ten years now : first on my own, then in a scholar certified frame and finally while assisting other professionals, getting my first clients and first photography students, each time accepting the challenges of a new project as a professional photographer and artistic director.

my approach is an inclusive – feminist – queer one : not only most of my clients and students are women or queer fellows, not only i try to establish collaborations with as many different profiles as i can – in terms of skin colour, body shape, gender, age, etc – but also, my first preoccupation is that the person i’m working with feels at ease and safe enough to ask questions, make mistakes, have fun !

my way to today-

founder of lámina asbl
(2020 – current)
i’m the founder of lámina, a cultural feminist-queer foundation based in brussels, aiming to collaborate internationally in order to give visibility to my community and share knowledges-

lámina studio is my new brand photography studio

private photography teacher
(2018 – current)

social photography teacher & exhibition curator
6 months formation permanente given to women refugees – collaboration with espace femme jette & plateforme citoyenne

art director & photographer for e-shops, portfolios, websites

photography assistant